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Mary has her debut at Comic Expo

We’re busy getting ready for this year’s Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo which starts in less than 2 weeks. Comic Expo has exploded into one of the go-to events of the year in Calgary. Now the 6th largest in North America, it attracted 60,000 visitors in 2013, a huge increase from its start 9 years ago.

When we first exhibited at Comic Expo in 2011, we were still working on our first film Skeleton Girl; Comic Expo was in fact one of the first public unveilings of information on our Twisted Tales anthology. And we got a great response. People were interested, intrigued – and surprised – that a Calgary-based company was doing 3D and stop motion animated work.

Fast forward to Expo 2012 and Becky and Leo were in New York at the world premiere for the film at Be Film The Underground Film Festival, where it garnered Best First 3D Film. The rest of the Bleeding Art team held down the fort at Comic Expo, promoting the fact that right at that time across the continent, Skeleton Girl was screening, in competition with other 2D and 3D short films from around the world.

At Expo 2013, people were back at the booth, asking about the film and where it was touring; and it was that weekend that we received the news that Skeleton Girl had been selected as one of nine short films across Canada to compete in CBC’s Short Film Face Off.

Now, with the 2014 Expo less than two weeks away, we’ll be taking pre-orders for a special Collector’s Edition of Skeleton Girl, and talking to people about the next film in the Twisted Tales for Demented Children anthology, Mary and The Looking Glass. In fact, people will get a sneak preview of a draft script if they attend the Have Your Say panel session scheduled for Thursday, April 24 at 5:30 pm – an opportunity for fans to give us their suggestions and feedback on where we’re going with the next installment. We’ll also have some props and puppets from both Skeleton Girl and Mary and The Looking Glass on display at our booth (see photo for a highlight).

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo has done a commendable job with this event, bringing together so many different groups, artists, fans and more. It’s always a super energetic and inspiring few days and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. It feels a bit like we’ve grown with it over the past few years and to see the evolution of our film work through the eyes of people attending the Expo has been a really cool thing. Being able to talk to people face to face about the stories we’re creating and putting out there is an experience and opportunity like no other. And to be able to do this right here in our community makes it all the better.