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Back at it…a Saturday morning budget meeting

Mary and The Looking Glass meeting over coffee

After a bit of a hiatus while we worked on The River, an animation to the song River of Snot by The Arrogant Worms (released here on April 29th), we’re back in earnest, moving forward with our next film, Mary and The Looking Glass. Working on other projects and without the time and resources (aka financing) in place, means that sometimes work happens in a stop and start manner in between other revenue-generating, bill-paying work. This was the case with Skeleton Girl (our first film for those of you who are new to our work), and has been the case thus far with MLG (this is my new abbreviation for Mary and The Looking Glass so I don’t have to spell it out every time). As smallish independent filmmakers with a full-time company to run, we don’t have the luxury yet of working on just the film at hand.

In any event, this isn’t a “woe is me” posting. The whole business end of planning a film is fun and exciting and inspiring and we’d love to share the ups and downs with you. So, today we scheduled a Saturday morning budget meeting away from the distractions of the office and over a cup of mocha and a pain au chocolate. It was a great idea and something we need to do more of.

After coming down from the high of releasing The River this week – and like drug addicts needing a hit, obsessively checking our You Tube views (we hit 1000 after 2 days which seemed pretty good to us) – we’re back to business, plotting the plans for our next short. We learned a lot on Skeleton Girl and The River; we’ll see how we can apply those lessons this time, and what else is in store for us.

One really learns by doing, but maybe we can lesson the pain or time or expenses for you by sharing some of our experiences. If not, we still hope you get a chuckle or grimace, or something useful out of these posts. And we’d love to hear back from you, so let us know your thoughts.

– Becky