Skeleton Girl and Twisted Tales Update

In celebration of the 5th anniversary of Skeleton Girl‘s New York premiere, our award-winning – and Canada’s first stereoscopic 3D and stop motion animated film – is now available for viewing in 2D on our You Tube channel here.

We’re also excited to announce that Skeleton Girl will be available shortly with sub-titles in Spanish, Mandarin, and French, and we’re considering other languages as well.

And, we are hard at work on the Twisted Tales for Demented Children trailer, as we move forward with the remainder of the stories. Photos here show part of the set and both Leo (director) and Alyssa (fabricator) prepping for the shoot.

If you’re interested in an exclusive behind the scenes feature on the making of Skeleton Girl, click here to purchase the Collector’s Edition DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack, which in addition to the film and behind the scenes feature, includes a pair of 3D glasses to watch the trailer in 3D as well as a limited edition Skeleton Girl button.

For more information on the Twisted Tales, you can visit our website here or follow our Bleeding Art Industries, Skeleton Girl, or Twisted Tales for Demented Children Facebook or Twitter pages.



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