Twisted Tales Resonates at Comic Expo

Brams TT side photo
Photo by Bram Timmer, Wild Forest

It’s the Friday after the crazy and fun Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo which had a record 97,000 attendees. Although I had come down with something resembling a cold after flying back from New York earlier in the week, I managed to croak out conversations with lots of really interesting people who came by our booth. I always walk away from events like these feeling inspired and energized. I love to talk to people about what they think of what we’re creating. It’s easy to get tunnel vision working day after day and it’s really crucial to get out and talk to people and to get feedback.

The first opportunity for feedback was at the Have Your Say panel on Thursday evening. Although not a big audience, those that did attend had some good feedback to give to the script reading Eli Holt (our narrator for Skeleton Girl and a very talented actress) did of our next Twisted Tales film Mary and The Looking Glass. We realized after making Skeleton Girl and providing test cards at a private screening that it would benefit us to start engaging our fans earlier in the process. Comments were made that had never crossed my mind and gave me pause for thought so it was super helpful. This information helps inform our writing as we tweak the script more.

In addition to some of our usual special effects make-up demos and product displays at the booth, we showcased some of the puppets and props from both Skeleton Girl and Mary and The Looking Glass. People were enthralled as they walked by and their eyes went from object to object, taking it all in with a look of “wow” in their eyes. Kids and adults were totally into it and loved that the Twisted Tales for Demented Children theme has a darker, untidy edge to it; many said they are tired of the glossy and polished computer generated films with happy ending stories that they felt were dominating the screens. And to have it all in stop motion made it even better.

I’ll be writing a few words for the Bleeding Art blog that focuses more on the special effects side of things at the Expo. If you came by our booth or attended the script reading and have any additional feedback, we’d love to hear from you. You can post on our Facebook pages or send me (Becky) an email directly at And remember, the Skeleton Girl Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Pack is now available for pre-order by clicking here or contact us at 403-236-0025 or via email.

Keep watching and reading and repost this if you want to tell others about the work we’re doing, thanks to everyone who came by our booth, and we’ll see you again next year April 16-19, 2015.


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