Muybridge motion studies used as reference for puppet shoes

Alyssa has been making shoes for the new puppet in Through the Looking Glass using Eadweard Muybridge’s motion studies as reference; since they are solid shoes they are made to force the puppet’s foot into a stepping shape instead of having the foot dictate how the shoe bends. They are made this way because they are the anchor points for the puppet; each shoe will have magnets mounted into the soles to hold the heel in place. This is the kind of minute detail we need to think about when we’re designing and building the puppets as they move through their scenes.


If you’re not familiar with Muybridge’s work, check it out. Born in 1830, Muybridge was an English photographer renowned for his pioneering work in photographic studies of motion and motion-picture projection. He is known for his work on animal locomotion in 1877 and 1878, which used multiple cameras to capture motion in stop-motion photographs.


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