Welcome to our new blog

Thanks for visiting our blog site for the anthology Twisted Tales for Demented Children. This is the title we’ve given the series of 3D stop motion animated short films we’ve been creating. As many of you know, Skeleton Girl was the first film we made. You can find more info about Skeleton Girl at skeleton-girl.com. The next in the series is Through the Looking Glass. We’ve started building the puppets and sets for the film and are in financing mode to continue down this path, with plans to shoot in 2014. shoes1Oct162013We’ll keep you updated here so you can get insight into the process both from the artistic as well as the business side. If there’s one thing we learned with Skeleton Girl it’s that it’s one thing to make a film, it’s a whole other thing to get it out there to the festivals and market and distribute it. Hopefully through this blog we’ll be able to give some valuable insight into both. Hope you enjoy and please give us feedback, we’d love to hear from you. This is one of our behind the scene photos of shoes that are being made for the main character Mary as she walks up a set of stairs.


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